Rams For Christ



Feel free to join any of our activities. We welcome your presence and would love the opportunity to encourage you this semester!

    Weekly Activities

    • Every Sunday night: "Life Group"- 4106 Waynesboro Ct. Each week we eat homemade food and talk about what a life in Christ looks like in Fort Collins, CO.
      • Dinner starts at 6
      • Worship/Bible study starts at 7 (we always finish by 8pm)
    • Every Wednesday night: Free food provided by Meadowlark Church. Eat and hang out as we discuss faith, scripture, and life. 7-8pm @ 2810 Meadowlark Ave
    • Every First Saturday: "Church of the Homeless"-  Rams for Christ and Meadowlark Church partnered with Only Son Ministries to serve food and fellowship on Saturdays with our disenfranchised community members near Old Town. This amazing ministry happens EVERY Saturday, and Rams for Christ has committed to helping every first Saturday of the month. Come and go from 1:15-3:15 at Buckingham Park (Lincoln/1st St)
    • Every SundayAM: Worship at Meadowlark Church. 10am @ 2810 Meadowlark Ave.

    Coming Soon...

    • Fall Retreat
    • Winter Ski Trip


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